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Math Literacy

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Building math skills. Building math confidence.

Most of us equate the term “literacy” with the ability to read and write. And that’s certainly accurate. But literacy is also defined as “competence or knowledge in a specified area.”

In our math program, students

  • Build knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts,
  • Develop number sense,
  • Build competence in mathematical computations, and
  • Learn how to apply mathematics to solve every-day, real-life problems.

Scholars Unlimited’s math program is offered at select Denver school sites during our summer and after-school programs. Each student uses web-based lessons for self-paced learning, facilitated by a teacher who serves as the “guide on the side.” As they progress thru lessons, students build mastery of mathematical computation skills — and build confidence in their own problem-solving abilities.


“Math is so fun! We play lots of math games in the summer program. My favorite one is MATH HOOPS. It has lots of math problems but it’s so fun. This program gives us an opportunity to work hard. Math needs to get in our memory so we can be ahead when school starts in the fall. Scholars Unlimited gives me a better connection to math, and helps me know how to solve big problems.”


Summer scholar