A Letter From Diana – Nov 2020

By Shelby Hammond

Hello Friends,

I hope this letter finds you healthy and safe. I’m sure each of you has your own remarkable story of how the year 2020 has impacted and changed your life and perspective. For us, at Scholars Unlimited, it has been a year that has strengthened our resolve and resiliency. I am inspired by our amazing Scholars community that has come together to lean into the challenges the year has presented to all of us. From a pivot to remote programs and learning, with hands-on materials blended with a virtual community, wrapped in literacy instruction and included social-emotional support, this year has certainly changed and strengthened the way in which we operate. Your participation supports the resilience and success of our scholars.

Ongoing financial contributions help us stay focused on what we do best: foster academic, social, and emotional growth for children in low-income communities around metro Denver. Help us today to continue this important work.

The national and local movement for racial justice has been a time of stress, heartbreak, awareness, and fortitude for many in our community. It is the resiliency of families in our community that gives me hope that we will weather the multiple crises we are facing and move toward recovery; we are getting closer each day. We know that scholars don’t have the luxury to wait for this pandemic to end; we are continuing to provide an online platform that gives the support and connection that scholars need to learn and grow.

I believe we will see the impacts of the COVID-19 slide for many years to come if we do not act now. Students are establishing the foundation upon which their future literacy and social-emotional learning will grow, and we are committed to supplementing the school day by providing an extra boost, and the connection to keep students engaged. Believe me, it’s not easy for anyone right now but this is where we have found our opportunity to be a part of the solution to combating the COVID-19 slide.  

Resiliency shouldn’t be an effort a child has to undertake on their own. A strong community supports a child’s resilience and this becomes a success story for us all. You make it possible for students to continue to engage in learning, build confidence, and create agency to persist and thrive.

Thank you for being a part of the community that strengthens the literacy support that is so needed today.

Stay positive and stay well,                                      

Diana Romero Campbell

President, Scholars Unlimited