Monthly gifts add up!

By Kelly Craugh

Ali Mickelson is currently in her third year of service on our Board of Directors, and was recently elected Treasurer of our organization. Professionally, Ali is the Director of Legislative and Tax Policy at the Colorado Fiscal Institute. With all that financial acumen, it’s no wonder that Ali decided to become a sustaining donor shortly after joining the Board.

From a personal standpoint, Ali likes being a sustaining donor “because it’s easier on the household budget to give in smaller increments each month, as opposed to one lump sum once a year.” As Treasurer, Ali recognizes that “Sustaining donors allow Scholars Unlimited to have a more dependable flow of revenue — and for donors like me to have continual impact for the kids we serve.”

Ali also noted the ease of the process: “It’s great because you simply sign up for regularly occurring donations on You choose the day that you want the funds to be withdrawn from your bank account each month, and after that, it’s automatic — you don’t have to think about it again.

“Plus, there is a nice compounding effect that makes you feel really good about what you’ve contributed. Your monthly donations may seem small, but they really add up at the end of the year!”

If you’d like to join Ali as a sustaining donor, click below to get started.