Newly Elected Board Members, Officers

By Kelly Craugh

Scholars Unlimited is proud to welcome three newly elected board members – Holly Bennett, Sean Choi, and Jonathan Levesque:

Holly Bennett is a long-time Colorado resident who previously served on the Board of Scholars Unlimited from 2008 thru 2014. After a leave, Holly is excited to be re-joining the Board and being part of the organization’s governing body again. Holly is the Deputy Director at the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.

Sean Choi is a Colorado native who has lived and worked all along the Front Range, from Pueblo to Fort Collins. Sean moved to Denver to pursue his MBA in finance at the University of Colorado–Denver, and is now Assistant Vice President at FirstBank, specializing in commercial real estate lending.

Jonathan Levesque is originally from Littleton, Colorado, and attended the University of Denver where he earned his Masters of Accountancy. He serves as the Accounting Manager for Littleton Public Schools, and lives in Denver with his dog Bronx, who protects the backyard from daily squirrel invasions.

Each of these new Board members was elected to a three-year term at our January Board meeting. Board members may serve two consecutive terms, and then may be re-elected after a one-year hiatus.

In addition to welcoming these new members, the Board also elected a new slate of officers for the coming year:

Lisa O’Connor, who joined the Board in 2014, was elected as Chair. Lisa is the Director of Client Services for Gut Check, an innovative market research firm headquartered in Denver, and holds a Master’s degree in engineering from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Lisa served as a bi-lingual fourth-grade teacher in Houston as a member of Teach for America.

Spencer Reedy, a financial advisor with Edward Jones, was elected Vice Chair. Spencer joined the Board in 2015 and was an integral member of the launch team for CodeSpire, our for-profit social enterprise. Spencer grew up in Mississippi and graduated from Mississippi College with a degree in business administration.

Ali Mickelson, Director of Legislative and Tax Policy at the Colorado Fiscal Institute, was elected treasurer. Ali holds a law degree from the University of Denver, and was selected by Governor Hickenlooper’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade to serve as the budget expert on the Enterprise Zone Task Force.

Erica Salmon Byrne was elected secretary – and she has impeccable credentials for the job. After earning a Juris Doctor cum laude from the Georgetown University Law Center, Erica has built her career as a nationally recognized expert in ethics and compliance. She has worked as a practicing attorney, consultant, and adjunct faculty member at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.