For Educators

Working in tandem to increase student achievement.

Using evidence-based strategies and positive youth development to boost your students’ achievement.

Scholars Unlimited’s comprehensive summer and after-school learning programs provide academic instruction, project-based learning, robust enrichment, and recreation — and every aspect of our programming is infused with positive youth development practices.  So while Scholars Unlimited may be best known for increasing literacy proficiency, we support the development of the whole child.


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While our primary academic focus is literacy, we also provide math programs at some partner schools. In both areas. we pre-test all students to identify each student’s individual learning needs, which informs our instruction. Our teacher-to-student ratio of 1:6 enables us to deliver targeted interventions to each learner. We use a variety of instructional strategies to support all learning styles.  Our Scholars After School program uses a blended-learning approach, combining small group instruction and self-paced computer learning; our summer program uses project-based learning to support deeper content learning.

In short, Scholars Unlimited uses a variety of tools to increase student achievement.

DIBELS data demonstrates the effectiveness of our literacy instruction. Just as important, classroom teachers report that our programs support increases in homework completion, in-class participation, student attentiveness, and motivation to learn.