Next Generation City Builders

Scholars Unlimited and the City and County of Denver are proud to partner to offer Next Generation City Builders to Denver students. This full-day summer program enables Denver’s students to engage deeply in many STEM-related activities as they explore city planning. With support from Jacobs Engineering and numerous other partners, Next Generation City Builders creates a unique experience that opens doors creates opportunity for our future workforce by introducing youth in under-served neighborhoods to STEM-related careers.

Each day over a 6-week period (at select school sites during our comprehensive summer program), a 2.5-hour block includes a variety of activities designed to spark student interest in STEM-related activities and fields, and demonstrate to students how STEM permeates most things – including city design and building. Since it’s launch in 2018, Next Generation City Builders has been a tremendous success and – here is what the students are saying:

  • 81% of students want to know more about a career in STEM
  • 85% of students would like to attend NGCB in the future
  • 90% of students would like to know more about STEM activities because of NGCB
  • 93% of students learned a new skill because of NGCB

“We’re excited to be partnering with the City of Denver and Denver Public Schools to present the Next Generation City Builders program,” said Diana Romero Campbell, president of Scholars Unlimited. “The curriculum is educational and engaging.  And it helps our scholars learn about ‘real-life’ applications of science, technology, engineering and math while they participate in really fun, hands-on/minds-on activities.

“We also are grateful to Jacobs and the many other funding partners who have contributed to this project. We are confident that through hands-on summer learning, more young students will become interested in STEM-related careers.  So through their contributions, these companies are making an innovative program accessible to our diverse student population. And they’re also helping to develop Denver’s future work force.”

Just a few days prior to the start of our 2018 summer learning program, the City invited partners, staff and students to a fun STEM day camp to announce the program:

⭐️Official launch of Denver’s Next Generation City Builders Program in partnership with the City & County of Denver, Scholars Unlimited, Denver Public Schools, Office of Children's Affairs, and leading partner, CH2M & Jacobs Engineering Group.#Denver #OCADenverCH2M Careers Denver 8 TV City and County of Denver Government

Posted by Office of Children's Affairs on Friday, June 8, 2018


For more information about the Next Generation City Builders program, visit here.