Our impact.

Improving academic skills. Building self-confidence.

Scholars Unlimited’s programs help students build literacy and life skills. And we have the data to prove it.

But we use assessment results for more than measuring our impact:  Testing at the beginning of our programs pinpoints the learning needs of each student.  And we tailor our instruction to meet those needs.


For literacy, Scholars Unlimited uses the DIBELS Next® assessments. The DIBELS is a brief, nationally recognized and state-approved assessment that determines student abilities within the five domains of literacy: phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

The DIBELS is administered at the beginning of our programs to identify each student’s learning needs, which informs instruction. The DIBELS is administered again at the end of our programs to measure each child’s individual progress. DIBELS results also enable us to evaluate the overall effectiveness of our programs.

“Across every DIBELS sub-test and every grade level, Scholars Unlimited is seeing significant gains in the students it serves.”
Center for Policy Research

Our DIBELS results paint a picture of success: Scholars Unlimited’s programs increase students’ literacy skills and help many of our scholars achieve grade-level proficiency in reading.