Spotlight: Scholar Success

By Kelly Craugh

We are so proud of the academic and character gains that our scholars make! Each quarter, we will feature one Scholar Success Story. Let’s start with Drew*.

*Name has been changed for student privacy purposes.

As told by a Youth Development Instructor who worked for Summer Scholars: 

“Drew’s success story is not one of an isolated act, but instead one of an overarching theme of integrity and kindness. Even within the short period of time that program has been running, Drew’s considerate and kind nature have been placed on display time and time again, not only in an academic setting but a recreational one as well.

One instance that comes to mind is Drew’s continued willingness to read aloud in class, helping the teachers cover more material in one session as well as providing an example to the other kids as to what a good participation looks like.

Another example of his positive attitude and resilient spirit is him being paired almost exclusively with children many years younger than him due to him not being registered yet for our partner program with Denver School of the Arts. In a situation that most children his age would have complained or simply rejected the lesson plans, Drew instead chose to use his advanced understanding of the tasks at hand to become a leader within his group, helping his peers along the way.

We hope to eventually see Drew’s role as a leader passed on to all of our other kids in the program, and we are excited to see how Drew grows in the future!”