Summer Scholars is now Scholars Unlimited. Our new name reflects what we've always been: Unlimited in our commitment to helping young students build foundations for academic and personal success. Unlimited in our belief that the children we serve can reach their full potential. Unlimited in our gratitude for all of the community partners and donors who make our programs possible.

Dynamic programs that inspire young learners.


This is where it gets exciting!

At Scholars Unlimited, we are dedicated to:

  • Helping young learners master critical literacy skills and become proficient readers,
  • Broadening underserved kids’ views of the world around them,
  • Sparking imaginations and inspiring a passion for learning, and
  • Helping our scholars build an unlimited belief in themselves.

As Summer Scholars, we began providing our signature summer literacy program in 1993. The Scholars After School program was added in 2000.  Today, as Scholars Unlimited, we have a name that reflects the scope of our programs for at-risk students in Denver.

And an unwavering commitment to empowering students for academic and personal success.

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