About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster academic, social, and emotional growth for children living in low-income communities around metro Denver. Our organizational vision is an unwavering commitment to empower students to achieve academic and personal success. Our vision and mission are on the foundation of our values in the belief in every child’s potential, the belief in cultivating life-long learners, and the belief in the power of every child, family, and community.

Our History

It all started in 1993 with one child, named Chanel. She was in first grade at Hallett Elementary in Denver. And she was a struggling reader. Hallett’s principal lamented to Cyndi Kahn, a volunteer at the school, that he wished there was money available for a summer school program to help Chanel and others like her. Cyndi was inspired to do something.

So she raised some money, rounded up two teachers, and set up a summer literacy tutoring program to help Chanel and 19 other students at Hallett. The program was so successful that Cyndi and many, many others – most in the Park Hill community – decided that the program should not only continue, but expand.