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Collective Impact: It's more than what we do, it's how we do it!

“Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” – Verna Myers

Collective Impact

We value our relationships with our schools and districts. We know that we are stronger together and how it is important that we collectively use best practices to serve our students. We understand that representation matters for our scholars so we create programming that is culturally relevant and responsive for our communities.

Investment in Our Staff

It is essential that we invest in our staff. We provide training in diversity, equity, and inclusion, in addition to ongoing professional development opportunities for staff to build their knowledge and leadership skills.  We strive to help our students grow into lifelong learners, therefore we continue our learning as a staff, in part to model this for our young learners.

Relationships & Connection

Building relationships is key in the work that we do, so we empower and encourage our staff to have key interactions with our youth. We want our scholars to form positive adult relationships and feel they can bring their authentic selves to the spaces they share with us.

The Numbers


of minutes of comprehensive computer-based literacy intervention based on the science of reading during Scholars After School.


of dynamic programming provided supporting our scholars after school and over the summer at no cost to their families.


of robust professional development provided annually to our staff. Our professionals continue to grow and learn which models the same expectations we encourage in our scholars.

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We are a powerful education partner poised to give added support to boost your students’ achievement and social-emotional well-being.

We recognize the critical role of school districts and our commitment is to be an added space for your students to succeed.

Scholars Unlimited programs promote continued learning beyond the school day by providing students a fun, engaging, safe, community environment.

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