Scholars Unlimited is a Licensed Provider, and is proud to offer our after school and summer programs at no cost to students and their families. Our programs are designed to support your child’s growth, and we accept all students of all races, ethnicities, genders, orientations, national origins, and immigration statuses.

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Registration for Summer Scholars - CLOSED!

Registration for Summer Scholars 2024 is closed due to all sites reaching capacity. Please visit us again in August to register for Scholars After School!

Summer Scholars

Summer Scholars is our signature six-week, full day summer program, operating every summer in the Denver Metro Area since 1993!

This is a safe and supportive space for students to discover who they are, and gain abilities to help shape their lives, while receiving a literacy boost that prevents the “summer slide”!

Summer Scholars features instruction and literacy tutoring with licensed teachers, a strong focus on Social-Emotional Learning, and a healthy dose of SUMMER FUN!

Enrichment activities include project-based learning, arts & crafts projects, field trips to fun and exciting locations in Colorado, sports, games, books, and MORE!

Enrollment Disclaimer

We recognize systemic issues in our educational systems that do not support all students equally. As an organization, this drives our work and who we serve. This means our program operates differently than a typical first-come, first-served model. As an organization, we prioritize ensuring that 80% of the students in our program fall within our impact population.

Summer Scholars is open for  locations in:

  • Alice Terry Elementary
  • Ashley Elementary
  • Castro Elementary
  • Howell Elementary (Serving Amesse Elementary Students)
  • Inspire Elementary (NE Denver)
  • Lowry Elementary
  • Park Lane Elementary

Scholars After School

Scholars After School is held during the school year from September to May. This fun program includes academic support and literacy tutoring, enrichment activities, and time for Scholars to explore and use their voice and choice to guide how they would like to engage.

Available for  K-5 students

Locations Currently Offering Programs

  • Alice Terry Elementary
  • John H. Amesse Elementary
  • Ashley Elementary
  • College View Elementary
  • Fort Logan Northgate 3-8
  • Florida Pitt Waller K-8
  • Harris Park Elementary 
  • Farrell B. Howell ECE- 8 School
  • Mesa Elementary 
  • Park Lane Elementary
  • Place Bridge Academy

What makes this program so successful?

We start with a brief assessment to determine each student’s individual literacy learning needs. Then, students are grouped according to those needs for small-group instruction. Our teacher-to-student ratio of 1:6 ensures that each child receives personalized support.

Students also participate in self-paced computer learning, which is proven to help students master fundamental skills that are essential for reading fluency.

This combination of teacher-led intervention and computer-based tutoring is referred to as “blended learning” — and for our scholars, it’s a recipe for success.

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